Naveed Iqbal

Piercing Body Jewelry - How to Care for Your Body Jewelry


Whether smooth and advanced or edgy and commercial, body precious jewelry provides you a distinct, personalized appearance. Before you purchase and use piercing body precious jewelry, it is essential to know ways to look after it. Here are 5 essential care ideas that will help your body precious jewelry last for several years...


Proper Body Jewelry Cleaning


First off, before placing any piece of body fashion jewelry, ensure your hands are clean. It's best to use an anti-bacterial soap and either air dry your hands or use a lint complimentary fabric. While it might look like a preachy, unneeded care, the reality is most piercing infections start by managing fashion jewelry with unwashed hands. Next, ensure the piece itself is clean. Do not immerse your piercing body fashion jewelry in alcohol. Doing so will have the tendency to loosen up any adhesive and eventually make the product more breakable.


The very best way is to clean the piece in warm soapy water using a moderate anti-bacterial soap. It is appropriate to use a cotton ball or swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the part that goes through your piercing. This is a great way to decontaminate the area that contacts your piercing, but once again, do not immerse the whole piece in alcohol.


Daily Care


If you are a swimmer, make sure to eliminate your body precious jewelry initially. Chlorine and other chemicals can quickly harm the product. Constantly eliminate your precious jewelry before sleeping or exercising too. If you have clothes that has the tendency to snag, wool being a fine example, ensure your stomach button fashion jewelry in specific does not get captured on the material. Not just can you harm the product, but your piercing too.


Piercing Body Jewelry Maintenance


Gradually, the threading on your products might become loose. If they need tightening up, do it by hand and not using a wrench, pliers, or other tool. You can quickly remove the threads.


Purchase the Safest Materials


Among the very best security preventative measures is to purchase the best sort of body fashion jewelry in the very first place. Plated gold, or anything plated for that matter, can quickly aggravate your piercing and the skin around it. You are better off purchasing products made from strong 14 carat gold, titanium, or surgical steel. These metals are far purer and will not trigger an allergy or body rejection.


Taking Care of Your Piercing


Often, it's not the precious jewelry that needs care and attention, it's the piercing itself. In general, a little day-to-day upkeep is all you need. Keep your piercing clean and devoid of dirt, dust, or anything abrasive. Use a mild, odorless anti-bacterial soap and permit the pierced area to dry naturally.


If you follow these 5 basic care suggestions, your piercing body precious jewelry will last for many years to come. In general, good sense safety measures must do with all you'll need. Most significantly, constantly purchase high quality products crafted from 14 carat gold, surgical steel, titanium, or natural products. These ranges are much less most likely to trigger any skin or piercing inflammations, and besides, they have the tendency to be more resilient.